Gloucester's initial "wow" factor is the Romanesque and Gothic-style Gloucester Cathedral, a moody monument that harks back to the 11th century. But when crowds flock to Gloucester's nods of history, why not escape the busy streets to tackle a walking adventure? The Gloucester Cathedral may draw you to this small city, but the lovely walking paths inspire a more extended stay.

Ideally located near the Cotswolds, Gloucester boasts of nearby paths carving through woodland, meadows, and fields opening up to valley views. Take a look at some of the best walks near Gloucester!

1. Painswick and Edge Circular Walk

The trailhead for the Painswick and Edge Circular Walk takes just under 20 minutes to reach from Gloucester, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to explore verdant landscapes, rolling hills, and revel in stunning views of the Severn valley. In addition, everyone will enjoy watching the various animals and livestock lining the path! The Painswick and Edge Circular Walk is definitely one of the more entertaining, fun, family-friendly walks in the Cotswolds!

2. Cooper's Hill and Buckholt Wood Circular

Expect to reach the start of the Cooper's Hill and Buckholt Wood Circular within 15 minutes of departing Gloucester. This 4.7-km loop cuts through enclosed woodland, giving dogs a chance to run off lead if the owners are comfortable allowing them to do so! Plus, the view atop Cooper's Hill is incredibly stunning—bask in verdant valley views fading into the horizon. If the name Cooper's Hill sounds familiar, it's because it's where the annual Cheese-Rolling and Wake takes place! (On a different note, this walk may be short, it can get your heart rate up, so bring some water along.)

3. Painswick and Slad Loop

Yet another Painswick walk, but the proximity to Gloucester paired with Cotswold scenery collide to create an easy-to-reach, remarkable, scenic adventure! Enjoy countryside views from atop rolling hills amidst exploring streams and lovely meadows. Pass by quaint villages and farms as well! While this walk is considered family-friendly, it's overgrown in spots, and the undulations may be challenging for young kids to tackle. However, the Painswick and Slad Loop makes for a fantastic half-day adventure if you're in the area.

4. The Wysis Way Stage 3: Gloucester to Bisley

This one-way walk may be long at over 19 km, but the low elevation gain (spread over 19 km) generates an easy-going adventure environment. The only downside to the Wysis Way Stage 3: Gloucester to Bisley walk is that it's classified as a point-to-point, meaning you'll have to figure out transport for the way back to Gloucester. En route, you'll pass Robinswood Hill and Painswick Beacon. Expect some huffing and puffing as you take on some worthwhile climbs—the views are stunning along this walk.

5. Brimpsfield to Caudle Green

Immerse in the lush countryside on the Brimpsfield to Caudle Green walk, located under 20 minutes from Gloucester. Meander quiet woodland paths while the stream acts as a natural lullaby in the background! The variety of scenery—farmlands, woodland, countryside—will keep most ages entertained, as this walk falls into the family-friendly category. Look for birds flying above! One of the best aspects of this 7.2-km walk is that it's not super popular, resulting in a peaceful outdoor exploration.

Gloucester’s stunning historical architecture and proximity to the Cotswolds create an exciting destination for most travellers.




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