With the 93rd Academy Awards held last night, The Oscars celebrated, and honoured films produced in 2020, which as for many sectors, was a hugely difficult year for the film industry. However, we wanted to take this opportunity, as we cautiously move back to normality, to celebrate the re-opening of Gloucester’s Guildhall on Monday 17 May, where you will be able to enjoy many of the films celebrated at The Oscars, including the Best Picture – Nomadland.


Winning this year’s Best Picture, Frances McDormand, also securing The Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role for the film, and Chloe Zhao winning the Directing category, Nomadland took the same three categories in the BAFTAs held in May.

Nomadland is set in the rural town of Nevada, which has experienced economic collapse due to the Great Recession. Fern (Frances McDormand) sets off to start her life again as a modern-day nomad, living out of her van, and travelling through the American West. The film follows Fern’s life on the road as she meets new friends that are like-minded nomads, and takes on new jobs to fund her travels, with many emotional ups and downs along the way. A must see on the big screen, as a powerful and moving drama, with breath-taking scenery throughout.

The Father

Another Oscar winner, opening in Cinemas in June, with Anthony Hopkins awarded Best Actor in a Leading Role, The Father highlights the complex and difficult world of dementia. A strong and independent man, Anthony (Hopkins) suffers from dementia and as such forgets many important people and events in his life, whilst refusing the support from his daughter Anne (Coleman). An emotional journey follows Anthony in his day-to-day life, with confusion and heartache in all aspects along the way, Anthony Hopkins delivers one of the most powerful performances of his career to date.


The film Rocks features a strong cast of newcomers and gained recognition for this at the British Academy Film Awards. Rocks is a heart-breaking and emotional story of a girl, left to fend for herself and her brother, after her mother abandons them with just a short note of explanation.

Rocks is determined to take care of her brother, relying on a network of friends and short-term fixes, but as time passes Rocks battles survival as her old life moves further and further away.

The film highlights many areas that are true to a teenager’s life and was developed using the experiences and struggles of real young people, through workshops and school groups. This is a must-see film, that will captivate you from the opening scenes.

Peter Rabbit 2 – The Runaway

Following the triumph of the first Peter Rabbit film, an icon of childhood for so many, the long-awaited sequel comes to our screens on the 17 May.  With the huge success of the first film, James Corden is once again the voice of Peter Rabbit, the mischievous and adventurous member of the bunny family. Not content with life in the garden, we follow Peter as he heads to the big city. Here of course nothing is plain sailing, as Peter encounters dodgy characters and experiences a series of chaotic events. A light-hearted and warming film to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Can you spot our very own famous docks in the trailer?

Look out for our Peter Rabbit trail coming to Gloucester soon!

Whichever your preferred genre of film, Gloucester Guildhall offers something for everyone, whatever your age or taste. Visit Gloucester Guildhall to check out the best in world cinema and plan your visit.




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