Naked Tartufi is a locally run Events Kitchen focusing on bringing some the best dishes from the amazingly diverse cuisine of Gloucester into some of the city’s best buildings through Supper Clubs.


Founded by native Gloucester girl Sue Plastow, the Supper Club was set up after Sue returned to Gloucester after 30 years away, many of which were spent travelling the world with her expat husband and 4 children.Sue - Naked Tartufi

“We were so lucky to live in so many amazing places and meet so many wonderful people but moving around a lot can sometimes be quite challenging. I found the biggest connector in settling into a new country was food – it provides a way into a different culture and opens the doors to new or different ways of doing things. It definitely helps you make friends and enjoy a new adventure to the full.

Baked FetaOn my travels, I made sure I shopped at local markets, from fun and chaotic night markets in SE Asia to the more sedate but no less exciting bountiful stalls in Italy and France. I chatted to local producers about dishes and ingredients all over the world and did hundreds of cookery classes, sometimes very informal after being invited into people’s homes to cook and learn from them. In Italy we had a truffle farm (hence the name Tartufi, it’s Italian for truffle) and really enjoyed immersing ourselves in the local area, learning about truffle hunting, helping in vineyards, and running food events myself.

After the tragic death of her husband, Sue returned to her hometown of Gloucester to rebuild.

“The city swept me up in its familiarity and friendliness, even after so many years away. It has been incredibly reassuring but equally I was able to see anew the fantastic diversity of the population and the beautiful architecture of so many historic buildings”.

Canapes Salmon

Naked Tartufi believes these two things are the key strengths of Gloucester and saw an opportunity to marry the two.

“I began to explore different areas and sought out local suppliers and producers that I could buy ingredients from AND have a chat with about what I was buying...everyone in Gloucester is really friendly and they love talking about food! I made a lot of connections in the St James City farm and the Anglo-Chinese centre, took cookery classes, and got involved in the community garden at the farm. At the same time, I spoke with the caretakers of iconic venues in Gloucester like the LV lightship Sula and Blackfriars priory with an idea to provide supper clubs promoting the diverse cuisine of the city in these beautiful venues - happily they all loved the idea and we now have a great community building around the idea.

Supper Club INfo

Naked Tartufi Supper Clubs are all about fostering community and bringing people together over food – their signature is big, visually stunning sharing platters of vibrant Persian and Mediterranean style food, all made with local produce and bought from local suppliers and served in stunning settings throughout Gloucester.

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